Lightning Protection

ERITECH Lightning ProtectionYour Electrical Training Center is hosting a 2-day Lightning Protection training seminar with ERICO Lightning Protection expert Charles F. Cooley Jr.. Chuck is a Lightning Protection Institute (LPI) Master Installer/Designer and is a Senior Territory Manager with ERICO Lightning Protection.

Your Electrical Training Center and ERICO Lightning Protection have partnered to bring you  this important training at no charge to you. However, you must pre-register as the number of  slots are limited.


IMPORTANT: You must be a JW, CE, CW, Apprentice, or Contractor Employee affiliated with the Atlanta Electrical Contractors Association and IBEW Local 613 to participate in this class. 

Group 1: Friday, May 27, 2011 and June 10, 2011 | 8am – 3pm

Registration for this session of Lightning Protection has closed

Group 2: To be Announced


Date: May 27 and June 10

Time: 8am – 3pm

Breaks: 1 hr for lunch and short morning and afternoon breaks. Food/Refreshments are not provided. Refrigerator and microwaves are available in the break room adjacent to the Library.

Class Outline:


——————————- DAY 1 ——————————-

1.         Basic principles Lightning

NFPA 780 – Appendix

Lightning facts

Lightning safety

When lightning strikes (pic)


LP Pictures

LP Airplane strike

How lightning is formed

2.         Lightning Protection basics

What is it?

How does it work?

Basic Components? (samples)

3.         Synergy between surge and grounding between the facility protection sub-systems.




4.         What are the governing code bodies?

NEC (NFPA 70) – Article 250.106

NFPA 780


LPI 175

5.         Lightning Protection Design Parameters

Need Bid/Design Information

Drawings (Roof and Elevations)


Design drawings (PDF example – IBEW)

NFPA 780

6.         Certifications (UL ML) – Go to UL website and show actual application



——————————- DAY 2 ——————————-

7.         Surge Protection

UL 1149 Ed. 3


8.         Grounding

CADWELD Training Video

CADWELD Animation

Ground Rod info Copper vs. Galv.

Mechanical Connections vs. Welding

9.         Exothermic Demo

10.      LP Demo (Install, roof, pics, and video)

11.       Do you want to take next step?

UL Installer / LPI Certifications  /

2 Responses to “Lightning Protection”

  1. I missed the lightning protection event. Are you planning on doing another?
    Steve Parker

  2. Hi Steve,

    Yes we are. We’ll announce it as part of this post, in our email newsletter, on our Facebook page, and Twitter when the dates are finalized.

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