Construction Electrician Program Information

What is the Consruction Electrician or CWCE Program?

CWCE Power CircleThe Construction Wireman and Construction Electrician program, also known as the CWCE program, is designed to provide experienced Electrical Workers with pathways into the IBEW/AECA organization by providing competitive pay and benefits based on documented and evaluated experience and knowledge/skill levels. The CWCE program is made up of 8 Levels (see chart below).


Advancement from one level to the next in the CWCE Program is based on a combination of work hours (referred to as on-the-job training or OJT hours) and class hours (referred to as related training). See the chart below for the advancement schedule and pay rates:

CWCE Advancement chart

Admissions for the CWCE Program

The admissions process for the CWCE Program is different from that of the Inside Wireman and Installer Technician Apprenticeship Programs. Your classes (related training) are administered by the Electrical Training Center, however, your initial sign up and paperwork as well as on-the-job training (OJT) assignments are handled by the IBEW’s Membership and Business Development Office:

IBEW Membership and Business Development Office
2nd floor IBEW Building
501 Pulliam Street
Atlanta, GA 30312
404 523 8107 ext 5

Jerome Jackson – Director

Tina Hou – Administrative Assistant


Your first 90 days are considered a “Probationary Period”. This simply means that during this time, we evaluate you and you evaluate us to determine if we believe this has the makings of a successful partnership. For our part, there are three different evaluations during your first 90 days that provide you with an opportunity to show us what you are capable of:

1. Written Evaluation
2. Hands-On Evaluation
3. On-the-Job Evaluation

1. Written Evaluation

The Written Evaluation is administered by Membership and Business Development Office personnel at the time of your initial application to the CWCE program and is used in conjunction with your documentation of experience and any employer recommendations to determine your initial classification. This initial classification determines your starting pay rate (see chart above).

2. Hands-On Evaluation

The Hands-On Evaluation is scheduled by the Membership and Business Development and Electrical Training Center offices prior to the end of your first 90 days. As you would expect, this is a critically important opportunity for you to demonstrate the hands-on, practical skills that you have acquired during your time doing electrical work. There is no pass or fail; the results of this evaluation are used to determine if your initial classification was accurate. Afterward, we may need to make adjustments in your classification and specific recommendations for future targeted training may be made. It is important that you bring your full set of hand tools to this evaluation. You will be notified by mail from the Membership and Business Development Office when your Hands-On Evaluation is scheduled so it is very important that you notify Membership and Business Development immediately if there is any change in your contact information. Failure to appear as required for this mandatory evaluation may result in your termination from the program.

3. On-the-Job Evaluation

The On-the-Job Evaluation is performed by supervisory personnel of the employer for whom you work during your first 90 days. This evaluation is also used to help determine if your initial classification was accurate and is submitted directly from your employer to the Membership and Business Development and Electrical Training Center offices. A clean drug screen is required prior to your assignment to one of our employers. This is coordinated for you by the Membership and Business Development office.

Sounds like a lot doesn’t it? Just keep in mind that this system has been put in place so that all parties involved, especially you, can have the confidence that your knowledge and skills have been thoroughly evaluated and that you have been accurately placed to provide you with the greatest chance of success in this challenging and rewarding industry.


Electrical Training Center Class Registration for CWCEs

During your first 90 days you are encouraged to take OSHA 10 if you haven’t already, however, registering for and taking other classes must wait until the “probationary period” is complete. To register for the OSHA 10 class during your 90 day probationary period, contact Linda Bennett at or 404 523 5400, let her know you are a new CW or CE in your first 90 days and you want to register for the next available OSHA 10 class and she will give you instructions from there.

There are two class registration periods each year for CWCEs; during the month of March for the semester of classes beginning in April and during the month of September for the semester of classes beginning in October. Class semesters are as follows:

Semester 1 = April – September

Semester 2 = October – March

Exact dates of registration may vary semester to semester and will be announced in advance. To make sure you receive notice of upcoming registration periods, follow the instructions in “CWCE Classes First Registration Quick Info Sheet“.

For more detailed CWCE Program requirements you may contact the IBEW Membership and Business Development Office at 404 523 8107 ext 5.


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